October 8, 2008

Much Needed Update

My faithful reader and good colleague Yann emailed me today asking me why I haven't posted an update for quite some time, its due to the fact that I have recently moved my family into the Garden State, just across the Hudson river from Manhattan. I'll need to update my PR folks to ensure product review samples are going to be shipped to the new address. As far as some technology and mobile experience goes, here are some updates, I''ll post some pictures later tonight.

1. Downfall of the Griffin Nu Form: the beautiful Griffin Nu Form for the iPhone 3G case I've been sporting did not survive my usage. After a month of usage, I noticed the base of the case (removable portion intended for easy docking) starting to wear down its thin rubber surface revealing the black pastic beneath. Aside from the aesthetics, it also reduces my grip. The unthinkable happened when I dropped my iPhone 3G onto a carpeted surface. To be clear it was at work so the phone hit those commercial grade thin office carpeting which probably has concrete underneath. My iPhone 3G was well-protected however, the trauma proved to be too strong for this case, hence it cracked the top/back panel of the Nu Form. One of the benefits of the Nu Form is it being extrememly thin thus not adding excessive thickness to the iPhone 3G's gorgeous design. However, being so thin took its toll on its ability to withstand impact, I have since moved onto the tried and true WAVE case for the iPhone 3G, I've used the WAVE for 1st generateion iPhone in the past, so I will provide a quick update for the 3G version shortly.

2. More product reviews to come: I am arranging for more products to be reviewed shortly, some of the things to come: Griffin Clarifi, Power Jolt, Air Curve, Simplifi as well as some iPod Touch 2G and Nano 4G accessories. I am also a little behind on some mobile application reviews, hope to get to those soon.

3. My new TV: yup, yours truly finally decided to step up to the world of 1080P high definition goodness. I've been eye'ing on a 46-52" LCD for quite some time, with my move into a place with bigger livingroom, I jumped on a Best Buy clearance deal on a 52" Sharp LC52d64U. At first glance, watching a 52" television felt like it was too big; after a couple of minutes, I slapped myself upside the head and said "one can never have a TV that is too big" and I've been smirking ever since. I've retired my 37" Aquos into my bedroom, and I find myself thinking the 37" looks small now that I am used to the 52" screensize. BTW, I am famous for not wanting to spend a fortune on a TV stand, so for anyone who's looking for a decent looking TV stand capable of handling a big TV set with some room to spare, checkout this Ikea Lack TV stand, get it with the black-brown finish, it looks pretty good (I'll post a couple of pictures later).

4. Mobile Madness: In a whim, handset makers are going nuts to throw out some interesting devices, with BlackBerry Storm, Tombile/Google G1 around the corner, they are throwing up emulators left and right to give us the most interactive previews possible. Meanwhile, HTC Touch HD has been named iPhone killer,this market is getting hot.

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