October 10, 2008

Review: Griffin Wave Case for iPhone 3G

As mentioned in the my earlier post, the Griffin Nu Form case I've been sporting is no longer available for me to use since it was cracked upon dropping it onto a carpeted floor. I've taken this opportunity to review the Griffin Wave case for the iPhone 3G. I've used the WAVE case in the past for the first gen. iPhone (see review here), therefore it isn't a new thing for me to try it out on the iPhone 3G. The big difference is instead of one case, Griffin now ships two colors in the package, giving you four combinations of color design to your iPhone 3G. The package I received for reviewing comes with the blue and white cases; for simplicity, I only installed the white case; for the creative folks, you can switch out the two halves so you can have a dual color scheme.

Again, the overall case design is pretty much the same as the original WAVE, the two halves utilities a "wave" design to hold on to each other tightly. The material is a nice rubberished finish providing much needed grip on the phone. This case, however, is stronger therefore it is noticabliy thicker than the Nu Form, which may be a good thing to insure protection. The LCD protection is done with a acrylic layer, that is super-imposed over the screen, it is no longer the peel and stick type (which I prefer). It did take me a few tries to line up the LCD protector and while installing the case.

The white case I used looks nicely against the white iPhone 3G I tested with; at lunch time, I saw a young lady sporting a black/gray case combination for her black iPhone 3G which looked sharp as well. The only part where I noticed that could use improvement is the fit on the docking area, I noticed a small gap in between the two-halves (see pic). Otherwise, the WAVE case design has always been a good product and I think they've done a great job bringing it to the iPhone 3G.

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