October 15, 2008

SanDisk's New Products, Sounds like Music to me

Today, SanDisk made several announcements on new products. First, the slotMusic Cards (1 GB MicroSD cards preloaded with music) is now shipping to stores like Best Buy and Walmart. I think its a pretty cool way to buy music and think of the MicroSD card as an added bonus. The idea here is for people on the go, to buy an album and pop it right into a smartphone w/ MicroSD/HC slots or use one of SanDisk's MP3 player. There are currently 40 top artists (ie. Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Robin Thicke, etc.) participating in this DRM-free music program and I personally applaud both the four labels, artists and SanDisk for finally making digital music they way they are intended.

Speaking of SanDisk's MP3 player, SanDisk also released the ultra-affordable SANSA slotMusic player for a mere $19. This super easy to use, out of the box MP3 player will be the simplest MP3 solution combined with slotmusic cards mentioned above. There are players with artist theme, songs preloaded with headphones which cost a little more ($35). These players look pretty slick for a "headless" design and should compete nicely against the iPod Shufflle or even the new Nano. I'll try to obtain a review unit for hands-on review shortly.

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