October 28, 2008

Skyfire Beta, now officially open to WM and Symbian

Just got an email directly from the Skyfire folks that their beta mobile browser is officially available for download on Windows Mobile and Symbian OS device. All you have to do is go here and sign up to receive an SMS alert to begin download directly from your phone. Unfortunately, you'll have to register with them in order to get a password and use the application. While i am a big fan of the application, I am not too thrilled about that. Also somewhat concerned about the security aspect of this application considering that everything is powered by server-side according this article.

I have my N95-3 this week and I just downloaded and installed the beta application. However, I am having some trouble with launching since it said I've registered my account to another device previously (Robert's WM6 ATT Tilt), I will post an update once I sort out the mess.

Update: I tried resetting my password twice, no luck of account access to get my phone working, this process is too complicated and secretive for my taste, sorry Skyfire, if you keep this up, you'll likely run into user-support issues which may not help with gaining market share. Please fix this hurdle ASAP! Remove the password requirement.

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