October 16, 2008

Video Game Bug - PSP-3000

The world of gadgetry can be quite confusing as new devices are constantly crossing over to a new territory. For instance, the iPod Touch has been shifted from a PMP into a gaming device. Another example is the home gaming consoles such as the Wii and PS3. Both offer WiFi and amazing gaming ability. My PS3 even goes as far as reaching the media-center status with BluRay, MUSIC, PHOTO and VIDEO support, basically far too many features for me to actually absorb, with a new firmware update 2.50 just released, internet browsing would even be better with Flash 9 supported with the system browser. As is, I would say I have barely tapped into either system's full potential (online store, networking, etc...)

Same goes for mobile devices. Short while ago, my attention was hardcore focused on the convergence of smartphones, I bounced between WinMo devices, Nokia N95-3 and Apple iPhones because they are all packed with a whole lot of features (internet, wifi, gps, multimedia and even gaming - iPod touch). Today, Sony brought out their third revision of the PSP called PSP-3000. In this version, Sony even built in a microphone to further enhance its capabilities as a communication device (ie. Skype calls, etc.). Being a hardcore portable gamig device, internet browser, video player (both UMD and on Memory stick) and supposedly amazing improvements over its new LCD calibration, I am being very tempted to pick one up to complete off my PS3-PSP collection. I've always been on the Nintendo camp with my GBA and GBA DS Lite, with GBA DSi on the horizon, I better give this some good thoughts and decide what I would prefer the most. It will be hard choices indeed.

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