November 29, 2008

Sony PS3 Official Bluetooth Headset

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I've lined up a group of friends to go online and play with Resistance 2; absolutely amazing game. However, with 4 to 5 friends at once, I had a hard time strategizing with them with just one or two mobile phones. So on Thursday night (night of Thanksgiving), I placed an order on Amazon for a SOCOM: Confrontation bundle which includes the official Sony PS3 headset (game itself is $39, Bundle package is $59, Headset itself would have been $49 alone). Overall, for $59, I got a game and a Sony official headset which has been receiving positive reviews.

Today, Saturday, less than 48 hours later, Amazon shipped out the package and I actually received it! Needless to say, I was stoked. The package in the game doesn't have any instructions to the headset. After researching online, I found an archive of the Sony Gaming Manuals here and the Bluetooth Headset instructions are here.

This thing is so easy to use, simply plug the actual mini-USB cable to the headset itself (top of headset, not the cradle) and it will auto pair with your PS3. When connected to Cradle, it works as a USB Mic (just by turning it on). I am asking friends to hookup their own bluetooth headsets now to take our gaming to a new level.

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