December 11, 2008

Blu Ray Movies w/ Digital Copy

I just got started in the whole Blu Ray movie thing since my acquisition of a PS3. When "the dark knight" came out on Tuesday, I bought a copy of it and noticed it has a second DVD disc labeled "Digital Copy". As it turns out, its a special feature some blu-ray movies provide. Allowing you to view the movie in a digital/portable player, such as an iPod or Zune. After launching the program, it will launch iTunes and ask for a code that comes with the Blu Ray disc insert. Once the code has been submitted, it will proceed to download from iTunes for free since you already paid for it. See my screen shots. PS - I pre-ordered "the dark knight" from Amazon and what was cool is, on the day of release, Amazon offered to let me watch the movie over their movie network "Amazon On-Demand".

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