December 3, 2008

Dell Dumping PSP-2000 for $137 Shipped, Hurry!

Update 12/4/08: Dell is delaying shipment of my order. I got an email confirmation saying so and their customer service rep was telling me that too much demand is causing problems with their supplier. For me, in this economy, it is unacceptable to toy with a customer's expectation especially around Christmas time. Therefore, I have canceled my order with Dell. Consumers shouldn't have to put up with these vendors tricks. They always promise items to be in stock but once you place an order, its a whole different story. Few days ago I canceled my PSP-3000 with because of similar thing: they were holding my shipment because the free game from Cyber Monday offer wasn't in stock so they didn't bother to ship out the PSP itself. I have removed the reference links below.
I am in the market for a PSP. I told my wife, officially, this is for more "mobile experience" research. Of course, my hidden agenda is to play games, espically with my addiction to Resistance franchise, the upcoming Retribution game is looking spectacular... so I digress.

If you are in the market for a PSP and can't decide between a PSP-2000 (core pack, piano-black finish, homebrew-able?, older screen) or new PSP-3000 ($$$ bundle, built-in mic, better LCD but has interlace problem, silver only for now, not hackable yet?), here is an offer that can help you narrow down your choice: Dell has stackable coupons 15% + 5% off of a Sony PSP 2000 core pack. Bringing total down to $137 with free shipping... tax in most states.

I found the offer here, and the coupons are:
15% Off expires: 12/27/08 (removed)
5% Off expires: 12/10/08 (removed)

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