December 4, 2008

Get your iPhone 3G Gift Card!

One of Apple's strength besides making sexy hardware/software is its ability to sell. Coupled with excellent marketing campaigns, Apple's sales force supports the company's vision on the dot. Take a look at the "iPhone 3G gift card" program for this holiday. In Apple's own words:

"Give someone an iPhone 3G Gift Card and when the lucky recipient comes in to redeem it, an Apple Retail Store Specialist will take care of every detail. The Specialist will get your recipient's iPhone 3G up and calling, set up email, and help customize the Home screen, choose some great iPhone applications, personalize ringtones, and find favorite songs."

When you walk into an Apple store, if its not overly crowded (rare), you'll find the specialists always attempt to offer 1 on 1 attention to walk you through your purchase (features, warranty and usage). On smaller items, they even allow you to checkout from a handheld kiosk to expedite your checkout process. Love them or hate them, Apple is really a hardcore sales machine at its core.

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