December 2, 2008

Griffin's new iPhone/iPod Video Cables (Component and Composite) Kit

Today, Griffin Technology announced two A/V cable kits for your iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone for video playback on your TV set. Choose between composite output (Red, White, Yellow-video cables) or component output (Red, White, Red-Green-Blue-video cables).

Both kits come with a USB cable and a wall adaptor so you can playback and charge your iPod/iPhone at the same time. As far as which one is better, my educated guess is that they should be about the same. Just because the maximum video resolution for an iPhone or iPod Touch is compressed at 480x320. Even the composite cable is capable of 720x480 max. The component cable is obviously capable of maximum output of 1920x1080, but I find it unlikely people would store such high definition movies onto their iPods. But, if you are a hardcore videophile, maybe component is better for you. I'll try to get a hands on review for you over the holidays.

Both kits are priced the same at $49 MSRP. Available as of today!

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