December 22, 2008

Palm's Next Generation OS has to Work, or else...

Palm just pulled off $100M from investors today. I am happy for them. Since the beginning, Palm has been the defining brand of smartphones. Somewhere along the line, they stopped producing good software and hardware. Its as if the Palm team just stood frozen in time, watching competitors cranking out more advanced solutions (ie. iPhone, OS X, G1, Android OS and HTC, WM6.1 - yes, even Microsoft). With the upcoming release of its latest software "NOVA" which should be revealed by January's CES show in Vegas and this investment of $100M, I certainly hope Palm can line up future Hardware and Software that wows the mobile world.

As far as that goes, I think this may very well be the last chance this company gets to rebound. If the upcoming devices or software is still not up to par with the current market leaders, it may be too late for another comeback.

I have always wondered why hasn't companies such as Palm and Motorola to leverage Android and start developing a line of phones powered by Android OS? The software is there and they have the hardware expertise; in my opinion such marriage can be a simple solution to help both brands make a decent run for the market. Just my 2 cents.

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