December 9, 2008

Skyfire Beta 0.85 Released, I lost some interest

Skyfire, a mobile browser that I had given high hopes, finally got to its senses and released a new beta 0.85 that doesn't require registration. This release allows any user to download with a simple click from a mobile browser at ( They've also expanded their service to UK for both WinMo and Symbian OS. Whats most exciting is the support for phones with VGA resolution; not sure how it will play with phones with higher than VGA resolution like the SonyEricsson Xperia X1.

Most of you will know that I was once a big fan of Skyfire. That is until their previous release, I ran into some issues installing the said release onto my Nokia N95-3. Skyfire registration kept telling me I do not have the correct login. I sent in a support request and NO ONE got back to me. As stated in my previous article, if a user like myself had issues, how will they expect mass public to over come it? I suppose with the latest beta, no more registration mess. Nevertheless, I feel like its too little too late. With Mobile Safari and iPhone taking the lead in the smartphone market, I feel very little need to look else where for another mobile solution. Not to mention, I've got the default Nokia Browser and Opera Mini for my Symbian needs.

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