January 7, 2009

Griffin Releases a Bunch of iPod/iPhone Accessories @ CES

Griffin Technology, creator of all things iPod and iPhone, announced the release of a BUNCH of iPod and iPhone accessories. Including apps, bluetooth headset, ear buds, cables, chargers and etc... It seems Griffin is now in a very comfortable position to read what the market wants and they provide them to satisfy all iPhone needs. Will try to get some review samples to give you my take in the near future!

Taken directly from their press release:
SmartTalk Bluetooth Headset (available now!)
This new headset from Griffin incorporates STEP Labs' STEPvoiceTM acoustic voice separation technology to eliminate background noise, reduce wind noise, and improve voice quality. This means phenomenally clear, hands-free conversations, even under noisy, real-world conditions.
A bundled package with PowerJolt is also available by Feb '09.

PowerBlock Reserve (available April '09)
As the world's best-selling AC charger and adapter for USB-rechargeable devices, PowerBlock is the perfect way to power-up an iPhone or iPod. Griffin's new PowerBlock Reserve charges iPod and iPhone while simultaneously charging its own reserve battery pack. The removable Reserve battery pack is held in its charging bay magnetically, so there's nothing to unplug. It's easy to grab and take with you (and it's compact enough to fit in your jeans pocket). Its lithium-ion battery pack recharges an iPhone or iPod on the go, and supplies additional hours of music, video, web access, and talk time.

PowerJolt Reserve (available April '09)
PowerJolt Reserve extends surf time, talk time and tune time with a detachable, rechargeable battery for iPod and iPhone. PowerJolt Reserve plugs into a car's cigarette lighter or 12 V DC power outlet and quickly charges both the device and the Reserve battery pack. Reserve's battery charges your iPhone or iPod through its Dock Connector, adding hours of additional use between charges. PowerJolt Reserve's battery pack is interchangeable with the PowerBlock Reserve AC charger (available separately).

TuneBuds Fit (available Feb '09)
Griffin's TuneBuds Fit are in-ear headphones that deliver superb sound in an anatomically correct curved design, shaped to the ear canal, making them the most comfortable way to enjoy music all day long. The low-resonance aluminum shells and matching, tuned 10 mm drivers produce more accurate sound fidelity than plastic housings. The package comes with 3 sets of soft ear cushions to pamper your ears and isolate outside noise.

SmartShare USB (available now!)
The convenience of a desktop USB hub, but entirely portable. This slim-as-can-be USB hub provides an extra hi-speed USB 2.0 port to MacBook Air (or any other laptop), and makes its recessed USB port accessible to more devices. Even travelers can enjoy the luxury of plugging in an available keyboard, mouse or other peripheral into one port while charging and syncing their iPod or iPhone in the other.

Charge Converter (Firewire to USB) (available Jan '09)
Griffin's FireWire to USB Charge Converter ensures that older charging solutions continue to work with iPhone 3G and new (2008) iPod models that charge using USB circuitry. Simple to use and compact, the Charge Converter fits between the Dock Connector and the charging device. Now when you trade up your iPod, you don't have to trade up all your chargers.

Noise-reducing Audio Cable (available Feb '09)
We've all experienced The Hum. Griffin's Noise-reducing Audio Cable eliminates interference caused by some cars' electrical systems. The 6-foot long cable features an inline dual-element noise filter to reduce hum and ensure the best sound possible. The 1/8" stereo-mini jack conveniently connects an MP3 player's headphone jack to the stereo's Aux-in port for clean sound, and no Hum.

Navigate Inline Controller Receives FM Radio and Allows Users to Control iPhone and iPod While They Are Stored Safely Away. iFM App for iPhone and iPod touch Gives Users Direct Interaction with Radio; Controls FM Radio From Navigate. Griffin's Navigate and iFM App work wonderfully as standalone products, but when paired together, iPhone and iPod touch enthusiasts have an unparalleled FM radio experience. The iFM app works as a touchscreen interface for Navigate's FM radio tuner and displays detailed song information.

In addition to these new products, some existing products have been given a make over:

TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick
Griffin's premium in-car charge, mount & play solution now includes a wireless remote control with a magnetic holder that attaches to the driver's steering wheel. SmartClick Remote allows drivers to safely access play controls without ever taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. TuneFlex's flexible steel neck and swiveling cradle positions the player in any desired location, and charges as it plays. Includes stereo AUX-in cable to connect iPod or iPhone to the car stereo.

iTrip Auto Universal Plus
Listening to virtually any MP3 player through the car radio's stereo speakers is a breeze with Griffin's newly redesigned iTrip Auto Universal Plus. Just plug iTrip into the player's headphone jack, and enjoy your tunes through your FM radio. iTrip Auto Universal Plus even charges the player's battery through its convenient USB port. iTrip works with any FM frequency from 88.1 to 107.9, and Griffin-exclusive SmartScan technology makes for quick, easy one-click setup.

iTrip for iPod nano
Griffin's popular iTrip for iPod nano is redesigned to match the sleek new looks of the 4th generation iPod nano. iTrip broadcasts to the nearest FM receiver - car radio, boombox, or home entertainment system - making it a quick and easy way to listen to iPod nano 4G. (It works with other iPod models, too, but is sized and shaped to match 4th generation iPod nano.)

TuneJuice for iPhone and iPod
More than just a battery extender, Griffin's updated TuneJuice recharges iPhone and iPod in the field, using 4 AAA batteries (included). Just plug TuneJuice into virtually any dock connector iPod or iPhone to enjoy up to 24 hours of additional music, 6 hours of video, or 2 hours of talk time. TuneJuice is a must-have for air travel, camping, road trips, or just urban adventuring.

Elan Form Chrome for iPhone 3G
Griffin's popular Elan Form for iPhone 3G now sports a sophisticated look with black leather and chrome trim. The slim, clipless design is built around an impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell that snaps firmly around the device. An outer shell wraps the iPhone in top-grain black leather with hand-matched hides. The case includes a screen protector to guard against smudges, fingerprints, and scratches, and a premium cleaning cloth for proper care of your iPhone.


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Wow! Great preview ... looks like Griffin has a pipeline of excellent products coming to the market ... as usual, look forward to your reviews

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Thanks for your reviews.