January 7, 2009

Review: Griffin AirCurve iPhone Speaker (No Ext. Power Needed)

When I saw Griffin Technology releasing the AirCurve speaker for iPhone few months back, I knew I had to get one to see if it really works. The big deal here is that this is not your run of the mill external speaker system. It uses a curvy air duct to amplify the sound coming out of your iPhone's mono speaker. The design itself is clever as it shows you how the air duct is routed behind an all acrylic casing. I receivd a test unit from Griffin (big thanks to Andy C. from FortyThreePR for the hookup) this week and could not wait to put up a test.

To sum up my review: "it works!". I don't know how else to describe it but it is just louder when you dock your iPhone on this speaker. The dock itself looks pretty cool being all see thru. The package comes with two adaptors for iPhone and iPhone 3G. To give my readers a better experience, I busted out a camcorder and uploaded a clip on YouTube to show you this product in action. You can see the AirCurve demo video here or scroll down to see the embedded clip.


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