January 7, 2009

SanDisk slotRadio - Radical New Way to Digital Music

SanDisk just announced a new digital music player which solves the hassle of acquiring songs, encoding songs and sync'ing them on a portable player. How? Simply buy this player which comes preloaded with 1000 billboard chart songs that have been put in various theme-based categories like: chillout, workout, etc. The songs are loaded onto a microSD card and cannot be removed and used on other devices. However, this is really a unique solution to people without a lot of time to organize playlists and acquire new songs. Atleast for me, I find myself spend less time on iTunes arranging the songs and rating them for playback; this solution would take care of all that and results should be solid based on the Billboard charts.

The player goes for $99 with 1,000 songs pre-loaded onto a card; it features FM-radio and 1.5" OLED display (cool!). Additional 1,000 songs can be had for another $39. It also comes with a headset for real convenience.

Personally, I never have the time to research for songs to upload to my iPhone, so something like this can save me the trouble of creating personalized playlists. I like SanDisk's approach of utilizing MicroSD cards as song album. I can see a weary traveler buying these units from train stations or airports simply because they want to easy to operate and hassle free setup to some good music. (Source: Jody P. from Lyman PR)

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