February 24, 2009

Another Mobile Experience Story on Fitness - Boxing Timer

A co-worker of mine, Gustavo, has an active lifestyle (exercise, rock climbing, kickboxing). He goes to the gym regularly and loves training on kick boxing to get his cardio in top shape. Not much of a gadget guy himself, he recently said he jumped on the hype and purchased an iPhone as his old mobile phone was on its way out. I still remember the first day he showed me his new phone, he was very excited but didn't know too much about it.

A week later, we got to talking again and this time around, he knows more about different applications than I do. When asked, he proudly showed me one of his favorite applications BOXING TIMER made by Chris Gummer. Its basiclly a round clock that can be used as a background application and uses sound to alert you a desired time interval for exercise duration. The application costs merely $0.99 which according to Gustavo, rivals lots of cheaply made portable timers he's owned which can cost from $10 to $15. To get a more reliable timer otherwise, it can become more expensive as well as bulky in size.

This story signifies the further evolution of the mobile experience. My friend, who is not an avid gadgeteer, has within a very short time mastered an easy to use smartphone. Not only is the phone keeping him well connected (email, SMS, voice) it also helps him improve his workout routine.


KRAPPS said...

BE sure to check out PushupFu for the iPhone ... the developers have created a fitness community around their app in efforts to promote health and increase stickiness of app. Very unique and cool idea.

Anonymous said...

My phone is Nokia N73 and it can't run iPhone applications. I found Boxing Timer for Nokia, but it costs $15. There is squidoo lens about it: http://squidoo.com/boxing-timer. I like this application, it can do a lot of things like a pro boxing timer :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any such program that'll run in Palm OS5? I tried converting Mobile Interval Training Timer to the Palm; no luck. I can't get it to acknowledge sound files; and it appears now that, once the program is started, it takes a soft reset to get it out of memory. Not a good option.