February 18, 2009

Most Cell Phones will use Mini-USB Charger by 2012

I heard about the news this morning while getting dressed. GMA anchor Chris Cuomo along with the rest of the new cast laughed out loud when they disclosed the 2012 date. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Mini-USB charger is definitely the way to go, majority of smartphones already use such. Which makes it easy to find charging solution on the go. I normally keep a spare mini-USB cord in my office as well as traveling.

2. The fact that it will take until 2012 to change over is a big joke; changing over to DC 5V charging over micro USB doesn't take 4 years, definitely laughable

3. Although Apple is not going to change its port design to mini-USB, it is somewhat compatible already. Note that you can take your iPod data cable and plug into any computer USB for charging. There are even lots of car chargers designed to accept USB ports so an iPhone data cable would work as well.

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