February 12, 2009

Review: SanDisk 16GB MicroSDHC Ultra Perfects HTC G1

If there is one thing I'd complaint about my G1 is that it did not come with a good size storage on board. Outside of a 192MB of on board memory, HTC decided they'll leave it up to the phone owners to find a solution. Well, thankfully, SanDisk has been cranking out high capacity MicroSDHC memories up to 16GB for my solution. A while ago, when SanDisk was the first to bring a 16GB MicroSDHC card to the market, I gave it a go on my Nokia N95-3. This has more than enough storage to keep the my N95-3 happy with all of my requirements for preloaded GPS maps, songs, etc. During this year's CES, SanDisk introduced the first ever 16GB MicroSDHC ULTRA (MSRP $119) for high speed transfer applications, I thought it'd be perfect for my G1.

The packaging is slim and efficient as many of the SanDisk packaging are. In between the plastic and cardboard hold a tiny 16GB memory chip within a protective case as well as a small MobileMate USB reader. Its important to note that new card readers should support MicroSD (upto 4GB) and MicroSDHC (over 4GB) as well as supporting the high speed transfer rate (USB 2.0), otherwise it can render your new high capacity cards useless. Lucky for me, the reader that comes with this package is both.

I've transferred the my iTunes music collection (888 songs, 3.74GB) onto this new card very quickly using the included card reader; it took roughly 6 minutes which is faster than syncing an empty iPhone or iPod over iTunes and USB cable). I also transferred the first season of The Office (6 episodes, 788MB) which took less than a minute. I am pretty impressed with the transfer rate as well as the tiny MobileMate reader. With 16GB of high quality memory, my G1 is ready to rumble. Now my G1 can match iPhone 16GB's capacity without any sacrifice. Oh, and this always give me the ability to upgrade to 32GB in the future.


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My friend and I were recently discussing about the prevalence of technology in our day to day lives. Reading this post makes me think back to that debate we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside... I just hope that as technology further innovates, the possibility of copying our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about every once in a while.

(Posted on Nintendo DS running [url=http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/16129580/does-the-r4-or-r4i-work-with-the-new-ds]R4[/url] DS SurfV3)

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Virtual Memory sure is becoming cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. I'm curious as to when we will eventually hit the rate of $0.01 to 1 Gig.

I can't wait for the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 terabyte drive, hahaha. But for now I guess I will be satisfied with having a 32 GB Micro SD Card in my R4i.

(Posted by KwZa for R4i Nintendo DS.)

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Virtual Memory sure is becoming cheaper these days. I'm curious as to when we will finally reach the rate of 1c to 1 Gig.

I'm quietly waiting for the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 terabyte hard drive, hahaha. But for now I guess I will be content with having a 16 gigabyte Micro SD in my R4i.

(Posted from FPost for R4i Nintendo DS.)

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Great post. Virtual Memory sure is becoming cheaper these days. I'm curious as to when we will finally reach the rate of 1c to 1 Gig.

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