February 19, 2009

Review: V MODA Vibe II Headset with Mic

V MODA has been known for producing high quality headphones catered towards the iPhone and iPod crowd. My buddy Yasir has always sworn by their amazing sound quality of his original Vibe Duo. Personally, I have always wanted to get a pair of V Moda headphones for my iPhone, until now, I have been using a moderately good pair of Griffin's Tune Buds Mobile. When the good folks at Formula PR offered a pair of V MODA Vibe II for review, I gladly accepted.
Before we get started, I have some basic requirements for headsets: 1). Must have a built-in mic, 2). Must have good sound quality [good highs and deep bass], 3). Must have some sort of in-ear buds that blocks outside noise. You'd be surprised to find how little choices are available if you require all of the above.
The Vibe II is beautifully crafted in stainless steel alloy and comes with an Italian designed leather protective case. My review unit is black with a soft fabric cable and includes a set of sport earhooks which is optional if you need to secure your headphones for more active environment. In addition to including an inline mic, it also includes inline control to play/pause/answer call. This headset will work with other smartphones, media players as well as VOIP laptop applications (ie. BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Storm, Laptops/MacBooks) so long as they support the 24K gold plated 3.5mm plug.
Hands on with Vibe II
"Only the finest materials are used to create..." as claimed by V MODA's press kit. And finest material they are! I am amazed at the quality and craftsmanship that went into this headset. Even down to its packaging, protective case and Kevlar-infused cord fabric for added durability. When other headphones supply 3 different silicon ear buds for sizing, V MODA gives you a wider range of selection with the four sizing options.
Audio Clarity and Quality is Superb!
The sound quality on the Vibe II is sharp and clear. "Precision" is a word I would use to describe this headset, from the sounds to the fitment. The music sounds very tight and concise; I tried out a variety of songs from Classical to R&B and every note is reproduced accurately. The bass from the 8mm driver is especially great with the in-ear design which is nice and deep (hence is 12- 22Hz range). Even when I cranked up the volume (which is not recommended), the audio is still precise and clear. I placed a couple of test calls and I can hear the other party just fine as they have no problem with hearing me either. In fact, the mic is so sensitive it was picking up the HVAC vent sound to my receipient.
Overall, I am very pleased with V MODA Vibe II and I would recommend this set to any hardcore audio phile with or without an Apple product. At $128 MSRP, it is demanding, however, when compared to the super expensive Shure or Bose headphones, this is actually a great price offer excellent performance and build quality. I'd be very interested in comparing the VIBE II to Apple's In-Ear Buds in the upcoming future. (Special thanks to Jamie C. at Formula PR)


Coby said...

Dude... the vibe 2's suck soooooo bad. The problem isn't the sound quality, it happens to be close to the best that ive experienced; clear mids, crisp highs and full thick bass. The problem is that these must be the cheapest made phones on the market. I treat these things like gold (even use the little protector packet after the first problem) and already I have gone through 3 pair so far. the first pair, within 2 weeks, the wires were poking through the woven chord at three different places. The second one... same wire problem aaaaaand the right headphone literally fell apart in my hand like sand. It just gave up on life and fell into little pieces. The third has the same wire problem as the first two and now the plug is all jacked up. It cuts out whole tracks of the music and blinks in and out if the plug is rotated the slightest bit in the jack (more like out and outer, since the sound is never really "in").

Its crazy man, a whole line of "high end" products made worse than Yugo's. Its too bad the sound quality and noise reduction is so damn good. I guess the search continues. Im taking this as a $119 loss...

andy said...

Coby, I am sorry to hear your experience with the Vibe 2. My headphones is holding up pretty well over since I received them. Have you reached out to V-Moda to see if they can help you?

Coby said...

Yeah, I've been steady trying out other earbud/mic's but the Vibe ii's leaves them all in the dust as far as sound quality. I think im gonna just have to jump on the warranty/return/fail/repeat vicious circle until they fix the manufacturing problem (I mean, they GOTTA know... right?)

Ima go cry now.

Justin B said...

I don't necessarily want to drop $120 on a new set but, like you said, it's been tough to find all three items in one package.

My biggest issue, which a lot of people don't seem to review, is the mic usage. I'm on the go-a lot- and tend to use my phone mostly on the street. The people on the other end constantly complain (with the standard iPhone earbuds) about feedback/noise. I'm wondering if these help that in any way? I'd be interested in knowing if anyone's had good/fair/bad experiences with Vibe II's phone usage. Thoughts?

JustinBrunner said...

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