March 31, 2009

Another iPhone 3G in the Family

I've held out from buying a contracted iPhone for as long as I can. For the longest time, I've always bought my wife the original 8GB iPhone then upgraded her plan into the 3G iPhone. I wanted my freedom of a less expensive data plan (Media Max 200 for $19 including 200 text) as well as the ability to test out other smartphones (ie. my Nokia N95, Treo 680, etc...) by switching my sim cards around.

Ever since Nokia dropped the ball on updating a buggy firmware for my N95-3 and a refurbished 8GB iPhone I have been using stopped ringing in standby mode (unless I use a workaround), and my G1 having no 3.5mm audio output with meager battery life, I am running out of choices for a reliable smartphone. Factoring in that at this point, my personal computer is a MacBook Pro with a perfect tie-in to the iPhone, I finally caved and upgraded my contract via early eligibility discount and took home a beautiful black 16GB iPhone 3G. The $299 cost is not so bad but the monthly increase of data plan and incremental cost for $5 SMS plan is going to suck a little.

I thought about the potential that in June/July, along with the highly anticipated firmware 3.0, there may be a new iPhone coming out. I'll likely upgrade one of our iPhone 3G then since I know plenty of family members who'd gladly take an unlocked mint condition iPhone 3G off our hands. For now, mobile technology is my passion and for this blog site, its all worth it. Look forward to my future mobile experience coverage in this ever shifting mobile world!

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