March 30, 2009

How to: Nokia N95 and Apple Mac Users

If you own a Nokia smartphone (ie. the N95, N82, N96, etc.) and an Apple computer of some sort, you may find the lack of a complete sync'ing software for the OS X rather irritating. For Windows users, Nokia's PC Suite software pretty much takes care of all the sync'ing business (contacts, calendar, music, etc...). As matter a fact, when I bootcamped my MacBook Pro, part of the reason is because of non-Apple smartphones lacking OS X supported software.

While you can't go completely without a Windows setup for Nokia Phones (ie. GPS/Map application still requires a Windows machine for map installation), you can do about 90% of what you need on a Mac; and relatively painless, here is how:

Apple iSync, which is part of Leopard or can be downloaded here is an amazing native syncing software. For some Nokia phones, you'll need to download a quick Plugin. Once the plugin is installed. All you have to do is to pair up your Nokia smartphone via Bluetooth and click sync. This method allows me quickly and WIRELESS sync my N95-3 with my Mac Address Book, iCal, etc... Imagine this, wireless sync'ing your mobile device effortlessly!

For sync'ing multimedia material with iTunes, Nokia makes a cool little application called "Nokia Multimedia Transfer" which allows you to sync up with iTunes (audio, video, podcast, playlist) as well as iPhoto. The process does require a USB cable but it practically enables full synchronization with your Nokia smartphone.

I hope Nokia will release a Maps tool for Mac so we can also complete the map pre-installation on the OS X environment.

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