April 15, 2009

Aura BluNote Wireless Speakers (A2DP)

Spracht is introducing a new bluetooth wireless speaker system, Aura BluNote, for phones or media players capable of putting out A2DP advanced audio distribution. In short, your iPhone w/ the upcoming firmware 3.0 should support stereo bluetooth output to work with a system like this one. As for Spracht, they are experts in building high quality bluetooth speakers (as I have reviewed one in the past); its only natural for them to expand their feature set to support A2DP making the BluNote a work and play product. This speaker system will run on 4x AA batteries or with the supplied AC adaptor and it can support up to 8 different bluetooth profiles. With a built-in 3.5mm input jack, you can also expect to hookup any portable audio player to this speaker system. MSRP: $129.

PS - I expect A2DP to take off in the near future as more and more wireless/smart devices will rely on this method as the primary means to transmit high quality stereo sound. You can expect automakers to enhance their radio to support this feature.

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