April 23, 2009

the mobile experience iPhone Knock Off Edition

For fun, I decided to take a look at the knock-off market of iPhone clones and was shocked to find a wide range of knock-offs, some looks as if its the same thing (such as the "ePhone M8). Take a look below for your entertainment value:

ePhone M8 - $159
This particular model known as the ePhone features quad-band, dual SIM clone features bluetooth, handwriting recognition and an unknown UI. The website I found it doesn't have any shots of the OS or reference. It falls a little short in the camera (1.3MP), LCD display (240x320px) as well as the internal storage at 1GB. But, hey, if this thing looks anything like the pictures, you could have everyone fooled with the screen off and laying it on a coffee table.

SciPhone i68 - $104
Again with dual SIM card feature, I was told this iClone is one of the most popular choice. Feature wise, its a quad-band international phone and like the ePhone M8, it boasts a 1.3MP camera and QVGA resolution. With an aluminum casing, this one looks to be a great first gen. knockoff. From the picture, it looks like the black strip on the back is towards the top of the phone. I guess it didn't completely rip Apple off.

Meizu M8 (Honorable Mention)
While the Meizu M8 MiniOne has always been regarded as a "legit" alternative to iPhone since it offers a step up in function (ie. 3MP camera, copy&paste, 480x720 resolution), I personally find it having too much hardware resemblance as the iPhone, so I am including the Meizu M8 as honorable mention. While this device runs on Windows Mobile and has been marketed openly at tradeshows and around blogsphere, I just find the hardware design too similar not to be labeled as an iClone knock off. Even Meizu's website design has strong resemblance of Apple.

Aside from Meizu, it appears most of the complete knockoff iClones are made by two brands: SciPhone or HiPhone. If you Google them up, you'll find a dozen or so models made by both. There is a market for everything!

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