April 13, 2009

More People Surf Web on Mobile, No Surprise!

Internet Retailer magazine published an article suggesting more than 63.2M people (approx. 29% of total U.S. population) accessed the web on their mobile devices in Jan 2009. Amongst them, 22.4M did so daily and that is a total increase of 107% from Jan of 2008. (Source: comScore). The article goes on to suggest that it is no surprise since most mCommerce websites are experience an increase in traffic with the proliferation of 3G network and smartphones such as the iPhone, G1 and BlackBerry Storm. I started this blog little over two years ago while using EDGE data on a BlackBerry 8700c to surf the web on the go. It worked for the small things I needed it to do (checking weather, some stock quots over Yahoo Mobile) but it is not the same compared to web browsing on a G1 Chrome or iPhone Safari browser. From a mobile experience standpoint, the web browsing today is more convincing thus explains why the big jump in usage.

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