April 18, 2009

Review: Griffin PowerDock4 iPod iPhone Multi Charger

Griffin's PowerDock Charger is one of the best charging solution for families with multiple iPods/iPhones. A while ago, I reviewed the PowerDock2 (Amazon: $29 Shipped)charger and it has been serving me well, I have had it next to my bed and it charges two iPhones at the same time for the past year. While the two charger solution is fulfilling my personal needs, I can see a situation where a larger family could use a little more support and this is where the PowerDock4 comes to play.

The PowerDock4 (Amazon: $43 shipped) to my surprise is not much larger than its little bro. It didn't take much more footprint on my nightstand than the PowerDock2 did. All the while capable of charging four devices simultaneously. I retired the PowerDock2 to my guest bedroom for friends and family visiting us (most couples visiting me has a combination of two iPhones/iPods so it becomes very handy for them not having to worry about bringing a charger). As for me, with all the testing for this blog, the PowerDock4 will certainly be handy with my charging needs.

The major difference with the PowerDock4 is the fact that it has the AC/DC adaptor built into its base. Unlike the PowerDock2 where there is an external AC/DC brick/adaptor, the PowerDock4 can be used with any two-prong power cord. This actually makes the PowerDock4 a little more flexible in the event you misplaced your powercord, you can always find replacement easily.

Like all other Griffin dock designs, they supply a handful of inserts/adaptors to give you a snug fit for most iPods with docking capabilities. However, I don't use any of the inserts since most of my devices have protective cases on them therefore the larger default opening works out great for me. My only feedback is if these docks can dedicate a few line-outs in the event you'd also like to hook this up to a stereo system.

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