April 29, 2009

Zillow iPhone App Available for Download

Zillow.com, in my opinion, is the best real estate research site and they are bringing their service to the small screen. Chances are, with the help of internet and sites like Zillow.com, you are probably way more prepared about real estates data than your greasy realtor agent. Zillow iPhone App is going to make you realize why it isn't necessary to have an agent at all. Available at the iPhone app store for free, you can stop and research available inventory on the fly with iPhone's GPS to pinpoint your location and get all the information you need: asking price, prior sale history, pictures, contacts, etc...

All joking aside, Zillow iPhone app is one of those mobile services that can really enhance a user's mobile experience. Anytime a mobile app can empower users and bring more value out of their data plan (whether it'd be a buyer or realtor), it brings great satisfaction to this blog. Kudos to Zillow for another great app addition to the iPhone store. To learn more info about Zillow for iPhone, visit here.

1 comment:

michael said...

Actually Zillow now requires Notification on the iPhone under OS 3.0 which IS NOT GOOD. After installing Zillow 3.0 version my battery life problem took a big turn for the worse.

The problem with Zillow OS3 is the notification kills the battery life (like 2-3X). I noticed this when I woke up in the morning and put my fully charged iPhone in my pocket. 1 hr later my battery was at 78%. Didn't even turn it on! I wondered how that could have happened when normally it would have been say 95%.

I noticed that the usage said that I've used the phone for 52 of the last 58 minutes! How did that happen I wondered. Well, long story short, it was the notification of the Zillow app keeping alive. I've since shut off notifications for Zillow and my old battery life is back.