May 20, 2009

I gots the G1 Android w/ Cupcake 1.5 Update

Booted up my G1 tonight and was prompted with a message asking me if I want to get a system update. "Heck yeah," I said, while suspecting this may be the highly anticipated Cupcake 1.5 release. Sure enough, after it rebooted, I noticed some visual differences and the firmware version confirmed it being the latest and greatest. I haven't played with it a heck of a whole lot. On screen keyboard and autocorrection is nice but I may have to re-calibrate my touchscreen since the delete button is not working very well. More updates later!


Gorblatt said...

You mention recalibrating your touch screen? How do you go about doing that? I don't have the 1.5 update yet, but I have noticed problems using on screen keyboards such as Steel where the buttons fall near the edges of the screen like that.


andy said...

I can't seem to find a way to re-calibrate touchscreen either. I kinda learn to work with the onscreen keyboard by pressing the [del] key more towards the center of the screen.

Gorblatt said...

@andy Thanks, I went ahead and manually installed the UK 1.5 update. I got impatient. On the plus side the built in Android keyboard seems much more responsive and easier to use than any of the 3rd party software keyboards I've used, Steel, Chomp SMS... they were all slow and clunky.I don't have much of a problem with the delete key, but like you said i tend to try and press it more towards it's left edge than right against the screens edge. It's still not as quick as the physical keyboard, but now we've got the best of both worlds, and the word suggestion is a nice feature to it.

andy said...

I find the onscreen keyboard a huge plus, thou it is less snappy when compared to iPhone.

how did you manage to pull of Europe 1.5 update? Did you simply change your locale setting? Care to share with us? thanks!

Gorblatt said...

I followed the instructions I found here:

I didn't want to do a full root to my phone and this method was very simple to do, when the file for the US Update is finally released I'll repeat the same process to change it to the true US release. But in the mean time I'm having fun with the new features. The whole system seems much more responsive and quick now.