May 21, 2009

A little cloud computing, very good Mobile Experience

I've decided to get back to the gym this season. This time around I've been taking my routines a bit more seriously than before by tracking my progress and switching them up in between days. Thanks to Google Docs and it's mobile browser support, it has been helping me keep track of my routines over my smartphones in the gym. Whether I am using my iPhone or G1, I can access Google Docs via mobile browsers and pull up a spreadsheet I am using to remind me what exercises to perform.

Not that this is anything groundbreaking, but it beats carrying a notebook and a pen around the gym; plus I am already using my phone as an iPod at the gym anyways. PS - another Mobile Experience related to working out: Just before heading out to the gym tonight, my G1's WeatherBug App sent me a Poor Air Quality alert; knowing that, I decided to stay indoors and ran on the thread mill instead of outdoors. Nice!

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