May 1, 2009

Making a Business out of Apple Product Accessories

It kind of dawned on me what a phenomenon it is with the Apple business. Whenever a new product comes out, on top of all that product buzz, the accessories community is also up in arms with their latest peripherals around said product. This blog alone has reviewed almost two dozen accessories for the iPods and iPhones. That doesn't include the massive accessories available for MacBooks and/or their desktop units. We are talking sleeves, skins, cases, headphones, chargers and more...

Obviously, the accessories market for iPods and iPhone is a lucrative business but can you think of any other brand with the same firepower when it comes to such a strong brand loyalty that protecting and accessorising the actual product is a sustainable business model? When shopping for a new iPod, the default next step is to walk over to the accessories aisle to pickout a little something to protect your investment.

What defines this phenomenon? Why are there far less accessories buzz around the HTC Diamond or T-Mobile G1. Aside from the basic cases and bluetooth headsets, BlackBerry and Nokia phones barely has a fraction of iPod/iPhone's accessories variety. Could it be Apple's roots in graphics and designer or the iPod/iPhone's musical connection which creates a canvas for personalization and creativity in accessorising these products?

I don't know the answer to that. Its just a phenonom I guess.

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