May 30, 2009

Personal Gripe on iPhone's Usability

Okay, the iPhone camp has been taking plenty of complaints on the lack of "copy & paste" function from the get go; for a day to day user, there are a few more annoying missing features which enhance iPhone usability, I sincerly hope to see these hiccups resolved in future updates:

* Text/SMS character counter - a simple backwards counter can help SMS usage
* Share a "Contact" via Email or Text, this is helpful when you tell someone, "I'll text you his or her number", currently there is no easy way of doing so, other than memorizing the number
* Share Google Map set pin location via Text/SMS, this is great amongst iPhone users (currently only sharing via Email is permitted)
* Make a software based "Home" button (this reduces the wear and tear on the only home button)
* Ability to save docs & PDFs
* Ability to save images w/o suppressing it to lower resolutions (much needed when downloading detailed images, like maps)
* Ability to adjust LCD brightness while watching a video in iPod (very irritating to go to settings to access brightness control in middle of a movie)
* Send Notes via Text SMS (currently only email allowed), it should warn you about character length and suggest email if exceeds 160 character count

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