May 7, 2009

Review: E*TRADE Mobile Pro for iPhone

Couple of days ago, I posted an update on the new iPhone app from E*TRADE in which I was pretty stoked about. I got to spend some time with this app today and if I have to sum up the review in one word, it'd be "impressive!"

Granted, I am not a power user of all iPhone apps, but amongst the several dozens or so applications I've tried, I find E*TRADE's iPhone application one of the most functional & stylish to use. Beyond its beautiful interface design, this app is very intuitive. The horizontal tool bar up top is scrollable has a proper-sized shortcut icons to almost every function you can think of. The tool bar retracts and hides away when not in use and can be easily retrieve by swiping your finger across the "menu" arrow tab; you can access this shortcut menu from anywhere on the page even if you've already browsed a news article towards the bottom of the page.

As a basic stock trader, I find most of E*TRADE's desktop functionality available here(ie. streaming quotes, account info, transaction log, alerts, portfolio, quick transfer, etc...). E*TRADE Mobile Pro provides a full suite of trading functionality with news and market updates which makes it the best financial application for my iPhone. This app is solid and UI design is Apple all the way. Think of this as the iPhone "stocks" app on steroids. You can tweak this application to a large degree, everything from customize the dashboard to security settings is within your control. E*TRADE has shown tremendous committment to bring its features to the mobile arena (they launched a BlackBerry app before App World days); their effort and execution here makes it a wonderful mobile experience for all.

Verdict: I highly recommend this mobile application for E*TRADE customers with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Even if you are not a customer, you can still use a bunch of features which is more robust than anything else I can think of. You can't go wrong, since it is FREE.

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Anonymous said...

Are you able to get real time pre and post market quotes (8 am to 9:30 am eastern time and 4 pm to 8 pm eastern time)? And if so can you enter orders and have them filled pre and post market? The e trade website says orders are only filled during "normal market hours" which are not pre and post market hours. The reps say that you can trade pre and post but with the opposing information I'm skeptical.