May 2, 2009

SBsettings a great way to manage Pwn'd iPhones

Many have argued that the iPhone unlock/jailbroken community exists for a good reason, that is they can bring features and applications far more flexible than what apple allows. This even dates back to the firmware 1.4 days prior to the official app store being available, 3rd party app stores such as Cydia and Installer were there to provide a large library of apps to enhance an iPhone's capabilities.

Recently, I learned a pretty cool jailbroken app called SBsettings from an intern, Edouard, at my job. This application has a very slick shortcut to allow you to quickly toggle various settings on your jailbroken iPhone (ie. Bluetooth, Brightness, 3G, EDGE data, WiFi, Power, etc...). Once installed, all you have to do is swipe your finger downward from the top of the screen (between the clock and battery gauge). It will bring up the SBsettings menu which allows you to control the on/off switch to various controls.

In addition to the previous mentioned shortcuts, SBsettings lets you access some crazy defined settings to your liking. For example, advanced power off menu (reboot, safe mode, etc...), customize your dock, hide/show icons, respring the springboard and a whole lot more. SBsettings is a really great jailbroken app; only if this can be made available as part of the real iPhone firmware.

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