May 19, 2009

What do you want in the next iPhone?

With Palm Pre to be released just two days prior to the WWDC conference, many have suggested some rumored features of the new iPhone, 3rd generation. Apple's historical record has never failed us, I have to imagine Apple is planning something big in anticipation of the Palm Pre. I would personally like to shoot for the stars and hope for the following features:

* Front Camera w/ Video Conference support; carrier, Skype or Gtalk Video
* Improved CPU, RAM and GPU to handle even more powerful applications
* OLED display with higher resolution
* Larger and longer battery life; imroved battery efficiency
* Make the top and bottom strip solar panels to either charge, maintain or prolong battery life
* 5MP camera w/ Xenon Flash and Video Recording
* 32GB Storage
* MicroSDHC Slot

What do you think of the likelihood? Vote on my survey to the right of the page.

Update: Apple rumor mill is churning fast, a rumored release date of 7/17/09 for the next gen iPhone(III) is now making rounds.

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