June 3, 2009

Chase Mobile Website Brings Great Mobile Experience

On my commute home this afternoon, I was reminded by my iPhone calendar that a Chase Bank credit card payment is near due. I decided to see if I can make my commute more productive and pay for this on the bus. Right after I typed in Chase.com to my mobile Safari, it auto detects the browser user agent and kicked me over to Chase.mobi. When I attempted to login, Chase Bank's routine security feature required an extra step to verify I am truly the account owner since this is a device I had not used previously. Normally on a desktop PC, I'd ask Chase to send me an email on the verification/activation code; in this cause, I wanted an uninterrupted user session, so I elected it SMS to one of my phone numbers on profile. Moments later, iPhone's SMS system promoted the activation code ridden SMS which floats atop of my browser screen. I memorize the 8 digit sequence and plugged it into the browser continuing to pay.

Once logged in, the mobile site is very similar but very stripped down from the desktop experience. You can quickly browse through your accounts (bank, loans or credit cards) and select some basic actions. I went right to the credit card I intend to pay, and selected the "make a payment" link. In the next five steps, I was able to pick the payment amount, payment date and payment source to complete my task. From beginning to finish, it took all about 3 minutes.

Keep in mind that I have already had my profile and payment setup from prior desktop experience, hence the smoothness in this example. I didn't venture off to see if I can update a new payment source or change my phone number through the mobile browser. All in all, I find Chase's mobile attempt very user friendly and will add tremendous value to the overall mobile experience for its customers. For whatever reason, I always find mobile applications in the financial sector extra empowering!


John said...

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