June 24, 2009

HTC Hero Revealed, Only Looks Thin from this Image

When I first saw this image, I was kind of excited about this new phone from HTC. Maybe its the rounded corners and iPhone-like icons or perhaps the 'preceived' thinness from this shot or the black border around the LCD which resembles the new aluminum MacBook design. Whatever it is, I was kind of disappointed after I clicked-thru Engadget's gallery.

The phone is a bit thick and still has the annoying looking chin. The good news is that it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, runs on Android (Not the total Google Experience, no logos or over the air OS update feature) but has the latest "SENSE UI" by HTC (much like the TouchFlo), more spec info here.

Overall, this phone is pretty capable of running side by side with the best of them out there. If only they got rid of that little chin...

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