June 1, 2009

Mobile Experience: Casio Pathfinder PAW-1300Y Amazon Exclusive

Wristwatch, in my opinion, has been one of the oldest gadget that enhanced people's day to day mobile experience. If you follow your horology and appreciate the intricacy and features of some of the best mechanical movements you'll really appreciate what a wrist watch can do for professionals on the go. Its quite amazing to see the complicity wristwatch designers can do with mechancial movements, ie. chronograph/tachymeter, precision, GMT, day/date calendar, perpetual calendar, diving, aviation, etc.

This article isn't about traditional mechanical watch. Its about the advancement of digital watches and what they have become. The new Casio Pathfinder series (aka Protrek in Japan and Europe) is that old calculator watch you owned on steroids. The one I found on Amazon (PAW1300Y-1VCR) is an exclusive limited edition which features a unique reverse LCD display (white on black background). This is the kind of watch I can see Batman himself wearing; it features 3 sensors to pickup data from its altimeter (height), barometer(air pressure+temp), and compass (direction). In addition, this thing is solar powered and will always be accurate due to a five band atomic radio which utilizes the atomic radio signal around the globe and updated throughout the day.

The pathfinder watches are meant for professional outdoor specialists with a big display and extra large buttons for easy access with gloves. You can pickup other variations of the PAW1300 for slightly lower price. If you have the apetite for something even bigger, check out the extra large Pathfinder PAW-1500 series!

Very little information is available for this exclusive edition; Casio's US website only has the regular PAW1300s while the Japanese site has it listed as a Protrek slim line model(PRJ-1300YJ-1JF). This forum has some good user photos.

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