June 15, 2009

Nokia E72 is Hardcore while the 5530 XpressMusic Looks Good

Nokia has had a busy day, announcing two big hits to the world. The new E72 and the XpressMusic 5530 have been officially introduced for release in Q3, 2009.

The XpressMusic 5530 phone is looking pretty sweet; I like the minimalist touchscreen design with a hint of industrial ruggedness. Too bad it doesn't have 3G support (only EDGE and WiFi). Despite the lack of internal storage and basic level of features; I always have a soft spot for the touchscreen XpressMusic series as it is Nokia's attempt to cater towards the entry-level smartphone market. This phone is priced around $250 standalone w/o a contract making it a very good phone for the market place. Love the design!

The E72 is all the rage. Featuring a staggering fast 10.2Mbps HSDPA support topped off with a 5+ Megapixel camera w/ Xenon Flash, this device is going to work hard and play hard at the same time. The biggest improvement is the much needed 3.5mm jack missing from its predecessor (E71) and an optical mouse to improve onscreen navigation. The goodies are all there: GPS, WiFi and integrated compass! Of course, this phone in its delicious ultra-thin case with full QWERTY keyboard. For the moment, I find this phone the most sexy and appealing in the entire Nokia line (even beating out the N97). This phone will be sold for around $480 unlcoked.

I'll have to stop by the NYC flagship store to checkout both phones shortly.

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