June 14, 2009

Review: Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y Amazon Exclusive

[Update: I noticed this item sold out from Amazon. Now I am more glad I decided to get this limited/exclusive edition from them. Those interested in this watch can still pick up a European edition PWR-1300Y from here)
[Update 6/28/09: uploaded more pictures at Flickr]
[Update 6/29/09: Item back in stock at Amazon, hurry!]
[Update8/8/10: I received a comment asking me where the watch was made, I confirmed it was Made in Japan, attaching a picture below]

There is something to be said about a Gadget that is truly independent from having to be tied down to a subscription charge. For instance, stand alone GPS devices by Garmin or TomTom which works right out of a box, no subscription necessary. Another example is the Nokia N95 which offers GPS plus FREE world map to download to device w/o the reliance of a data package. These gadgets offer an independent spirit which liberates its owners from having to pay for subscription services which is a trend that I'm seeing across the electronics industry (ie. mobile data package, mobile GPS package, laptop data card, ...)

The Casio Pathfinder series watches are extraordinary because of its ability to be self sustaining. For the most part, it can recharge itself via solar power and keep accurate time over a five-band Atomic Radio across the world. I was drawn to the Amazon exclusive Pathfinder PAW-1300Y recently because of its unique reverse (white on black) LCD; $250 later, I got the watch and have been spending some time with it.

Note that I have a couple of swiss automatic movement dress watches which I still admire for its ancient but reliable technology; but in terms of gadetry, Casio digital watches reigns supreme. The special edition PAW1300-Y a jam packed with features in addition to solar+atomic radio: temperature/barometric, compass, altitude readings plus five daily alarms, stop watch, countdown clock and of course, the backlight. The watch comes with a thick manual and is highly customizable. It is intended to be a great compliment to any outdoor enthusiasts (note: you should rely solely on this watch as your primary tool of navigation!).

This watch looks very slick being all black with a black LCD face; the buttons are large for easy access when wearing gloves outdoors. This watch has a big face with a face diameter almost 48mm; the thickness, however is not so bad; very thin in proportion to its width. As mentioned in a prior posting, this is probably a great watch for Bruce Wayne as the design is just stealth and means business. There are plenty of excellent alternatives which also offer solar charge and atomic radio but this one takes the cake in design and functionality. I am very happy with this purchase and this watch is going to make a good tool in my collection of gadgetry.

* I can't seem to get a good atomic radio wave signal out here, too many high rises, will try next time I am at a beach


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