June 25, 2009

Review: SPRACHT Blu Note A2DP Bluetooth Speaker

I have got to be honest here, before I tested out the SPRACHT AURA BLU NOTE A2DP Stereo Speaker system, I didn't give much thoughts on the whole bluetooth wireless music transfer idea. Today however, I hooked up the system, it really changed my mind.

Maybe because SPRACHT did an excellent job with this speaker's design and usability or maybe because streaming your iPhone music wirelessly is totally convenient. Whatever it is, I am loving it. Incase you didn't know, SPRACHT makes some of the best bluetooth speakers (high quality business applications).

The SPRACHT AURA BLU NOTE speaker system is very easy to operate. You hold on to the power button to turn it on or off. When you are ready to pair, simply hold down the "PTT" button to turn it into discovery mode. Once paired, it will easily sync in future operations. Between opening the box until I finished pairing my iPhone, it took all but 5 minutes.

The BLU NOTE is a well-built little speaker system. The silver finish w/ polished buttons look elegant and promotes a modern minimalist design. Just like my review of the SPRACHT AURA Bluetooth Conference Speaker, this product is built sturdy and well worth the asking price of $129 (Amazon $92). It can be powered by an AC adaptor or 4 AA batteries (both included). If you have another audio source, there is also a 3.5mm aux input on the back side along with a short 3.5mm cable included in the package.

Sound Quality
The sound quality is not bad; about as good as any portable stereo system. There are two buttons to adjust sound output (Stereo Widening or BASS Boost). When I crank up the volume, strong BASS frequencies can make the tiny speakers to distort, no surprise there. When you place a call, the Blu Note works as a great portable wireless conference speaker system.

User Feedback
I was surprisingly pleased with this speaker system. It was such a cool novelty to bring my iPhone 15 feet away from the speaker and control my playlist "remotely". No more getting up from the bar stool and change the songs from my old iPod speaker w/ dock design. Don't get me wrong, this portable speaker is a great travel companion but I wish SPRACHT would also offer a larger unit aiming for premium sound quality. One other thing less than desired is the lack of volume control from (atleast) my iPhone; as soon as you pair the iPhone, the volume bar sets to the middle and you have to adjust audio volume from the speaker itself.

If you've been looking for a portable bluetooth A2DP stereo speaker system that is reliable and good looking, look no further, SPRACHT AURA BLU NOTE is a solid contender.


Anonymous said...

Great - can't wait to buy one.

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