July 5, 2009

The Mobile Experience and Summer Vacations

This week I took a nice vacation with two other families and drove up to Cape Cod, Mass. We rented a house in the town of Harwich and had a blast going to the beaches, visited quaint little towns nearby, enjoyed fresh seafood, grilled everynight along with ice cold beers, wines, whiskey and scotch. Needless to say, I had a blast.
(Photo Caption: Blackberry Lane in Chatham, Cape Cod, MA, this is in no way associated w/ the popular smartphone, but very cool never-the-less)

I, of course, traveled with a handful of gadgets especially picked out for this trip to keep up with our activities on the go, I decided it would be fun to share along with some additional fruitful thoughts regarding to mobile gadgets: (inspired by Lifehacker's "whats in your bag" series, I've taken a photo of my bag and the essentials)

* iPhone 3G sporting my favorite iPhone case Griffin Clarifi - You know this one is a given (quick photo and sharing, email/voice communication and road trip music/entertainment). Along the way, I used Loopt application to broadcast my location so my buddy Yann can check on my driving status. The Griffin TuneFlex Aux w/ SmartClick (my review here) worked out great on the road
* V-MODA Vibe Duo Headphones
* Sony VAIOS TXN27N Ultraportable Laptop - Granted I didn't have to use this much for communication or information gathering, it did prove to be portable and handy when I organized our photos via built-in memory card reader (amongst the families) as well as using it as a portable DVD player for my daughter to watch Seasame Street on the 6 hour drive
* Canon SD630 Camera - This digital camera has a little age but still performs like a champ; it fits easily in my cargo shorts pocket where I can take along to just about anywhere
* Swiss Army Knife Swisschamp model - I never leave on a trip w/o this tool. Its a portable toolbox in my pocket. Regardless of what you need to do (ie. open a bottle of wine or beer, saw off a small branch or make basic repairs, etc...), its nice to have this bad boy with you. You'd be surprised how easy a party is ruined w/o a bottle opener
* Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW-1300Y-1VCR limited edition @ Amazon - Needless to say, weather, temperature and compass are great features for the great outdoors!
* Other Accessories: Sandisk 4GB Cruser Micro Jumpdrive, (2) Pilot Dr. Grip pens, Ethernet Cable, iPod cable and charger, mini-USB cable, and Clif bars

Packing all of these essentials gave me the comfort zone I needed even while on vacation; knowing that I have all the tools to keep my vacation going at 100% is a great feeling. All of them fits in a lightweight Brooklyn Industries backpack. It would have been nice to have picked up some two-way radio w/ a 5-20 mile radius so I could have kept in touch with my friends while we caravan around different towns throughout the cape; on the wishlist side, having a Loopt-like integration into car GPS would be very nice to keep your friends in touch.

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