July 10, 2009

Preview of T-Mobile's MyTouch3G

Aka HTC Magic, Google Ion, and informally known as the G2, the upcoming T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is making the buzz lately as it would be the 2nd official Android handset to be sold in America. T-Mobile created a countdown website and is now taking pre-orders for August 5th delivery. This new phone is a bit more polished compared to the original G1; MyTouch 3G loses the slider/keyboard along with some thickness, shaved off some fat as well as the ugly chin.

From the hardware standpoint, MyTouch 3G has been improved in the following areas:
* Different CPU albeit the same 528Mhz speed: MyTouch (Qualcomm 7200A) G1 (7201A)
* System memory: MyTouch (ROM 512MB, RAM 288), G1 (ROM 256MB, RAM 192MB)
* Bigger Battery: MyTouch (1340mAh), G1 (1150mAh)
* Lighter: MyTouch (116g), G1 (158g)
(Details spec for MyTouch and G1)

My single point of complaint is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack; like the G1, everything is going to be shared via the mini USB data/audio jack. You can connect a 3.5mm headphoen via an adaptor but that means you'd lose the ability to charge your sync your MyTouch 3G at the same time. No matter what the argument is (ie. use Bluetooth A2DP for music, blah blah), I still think it was a stupid decision that HTC did not include it. Its sad because it would have been a really good competitor to the iPhone.

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