July 29, 2009

Protect Your Mobile Experience w/ 3M

When I am at a public space, I am always aware of my surroundings especially if I have to key in my login and password to important websites on my smartphone. Usually on a my commute, if I see someone stand over me, I'd rather not sign in to a secure site just incase by chance this person is trying to get a look at my information. If I must, I will try to key in the password first and purposely make a few errors which requires me to erase a couple of key strokes and re-enter just to manage the paranoia. Well, I am happy to see 3M stepping up to the plate and offering a sound solution.

3M's Mobile Privacy Film works just like the desktop privacy filters which protects your information from peeping Toms. From an angle, the information is blurred or blacked out minimizing the chances of your private information being picked up by people next to you. We still recommend mobile users to watch their surroundings and avoid viewing sensitive information if people are within super close proxmity.

3M's Platnium Mirror Film (coming soon) takes it up another notch turning your screen into a mirror like finish when your screen isn't lit. If anything, the ladies probably would like this which doubles as a mirror.

For those just looking for basic LCD protection, 3M also offers a Glossy LCD screen protector for your needs. Both products are available with various handsets with pre-cut sizes or you can purchase a generic sheet and trim to size. Even though the iPhones are known to have pretty strong glass LCD, I still use a screen protector out of habit, just to minimize the chances of scratches. Cost is about $10 for most sizes.

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