July 27, 2009

Top Accessories for your Palm Pre

The market for 3rd party accessories is still a bit early for the Palm Pre ($199 from Amazon), below is a guide of some of the hottest accessories for your hot new smartphone available today; with these accessories, you'll be rocking the Palm Pre in style.

1. Touchstone Charger: This requires both the charging dock as well as a new back cover for your Palm Pre which can be purchased together or separately. This nifty little charging solution is wirelessly, simply by laying your Pre on top of the Touchstone dock and watch it magically charge your favorite smartphone back alive. Palm's website sells them in two variations: Touchstone Charging Kit ($69) includes both the dock and the backcover whereas the Touchstone Charging Expansion Kit ($79) includes dock, backcover and international power adaptor.

The best prices I've found was on Amazon which has the Touchstone Dock for $39 and the Touchstone backcover for $23, both are elgible for free shipping after $25. Check out this review for more info.

2. Leather Slip Case for Pre by Palm, with a slider phone, its going to be tough to find a case, therefore I would recommend this beautiful leather case designed and made by Palm. This leather case uses top quality leather with a contrasting cross stitching for a sporty look. Street price is about $40, but I found it on Amazon for a bit less at $25 w/ free shipping. If you are more active, you might want to consider this alternative side case with a cover for added protection.

3. USB Auto Charger, for those driving to and back from work, this is probably your best friend. Since the Pre can be charged via USB, I would pick up any reputable USB car charger at your disposal, such as this one from Kensington for merely $14. I would recommend to pack an extra Palm Pre USB cable with you in your vehicle for convenience.

4. Altec Lansing Backbeat Titanium Headphones - Since your Palm Pre comes with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack (which is, a feature often missing from other smartphones), take advantage of it by pairing it up with a good set of stereo headphones. Few of my pals are loving this premium stereo headphones by Altec Lansing (UHP326). It features ample noise blockage with strong bass and sharp highs. MSRP is $70 but you can often find them for half as much online.

5. Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset for all of your wireless communication needs. This industrial looking headset features a light weight design and famous Noise Assasin technology. Get it for cheaper in the bulk package for only $54 shipped here (MSRP: $99)

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The specific Jawbone product you recommended has all negative reviews on Amazon:

And you can get the OEM vehicle charger on Amazon for $23: