August 26, 2009

Book: Android Wireless Application Development

Couple weeks ago, I made a bold statement to which I believe Google's Android will ultimately win out the mobile OS war; I still believe that statement which is why I think this book will help anyone who agrees with me to get a head start. Android Wireless Application Development is dubbed as "the start-to-finish guide to Android development–from concept to market!" Sounds like just the book to help anyone to get their hands wrapped around the hottest new mobile apps marketplace. The book is to be released tomorrow (8/27/2009) and retails for $45 ($30 shipped on Amazon).

The excerpt from Publisher:
Android Wireless Application Development combines all the reliable information, sample code, and best practices you need to build, distribute, and market successful Android mobile applications. Drawing on their extensive experience with mobile and wireless development, Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey cover everything you need to execute a successful Android project: from concept and design through coding, testing, packaging, and delivery.

Conder and Darcey explain how mobile development differs from conventional development, how Android differs from other mobile platforms, and how to take full advantage of Android’s unique features and capabilities. They present detailed, code-rich coverage of Android’s most important APIs, expert techniques for organizing development teams and managing Android projects, and dozens of time-saving tricks and pitfalls to avoid.

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