August 28, 2009

Costco getting in the Unlocked Cell Phone Biz?

Just noticed an offering from a Costco email tonight, apparently they've started to sell unlocked Nokia smartphones. Clicking through the email link, the page pulled up four smartphones:
N97 ($599)
E75 ($419)
5800 ($299)
E63 ($229)
The deals are not bad but certainly not the best price we've seen.


powgig said...

The post saying about the Unlocked Nokia mobile price cost..In that i found my mobile nokia n97 the cost here they quoted is that so high $599 But purchased the Nokia N97 from ebay two months before at $300 but it was not an unlocked mobile why i was buying .I only unlocked it using the unlocking code i used the site Nokia N97 unlocking instructions for free unlocking instructions i want the mobile Nokia N97 at $400 ANYONE HAVE contact me

hiprich said...

I want the Nokia N97 at $500 us dollars because i am already using the One Unlocked Nokia N97 i bought the Mobile before one year from online selling site at $450 dollars & it was a locked mobile.I unlocked it from T-Mobile Network United Kingdom(UK).using the Unlocking code purchased in the site AT $ 41.06 US Dollars.So totally i spent $491.06us dollars ..So in need an locked mobile at $450 and unlocked mobile at $490us dollars..Can you sell at this price?

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