August 6, 2009

Evening Smartphone Deals: BlackBerry 8520, Pre, Bold, E71x

Some mobile deals for this evening brought to you by Amazon:

BlackBerry 8520 ($0.01) HOT! This phone literally was released yesterday! Available to new T-Mobile Customers only featuring the latest BlackBerry OS and a unique touchpad (no more trackball)

It seems like lots of deals are taking place on slightly older smartphones, of course you can always checkup on the right side of my blog for future updates on smartphone bargains!

Nokia E71x (WiFi, GPS, 3.2MP) - $FREE
BlackBerry Storm 9530 (WiFi, Touch) - $49
BlackBerry Bold (3G, WiFi) - $49 Shipped
T-Mobile G1 (Android, 3G, WiFi) - $97 Shipped
HTC FUZE (WM 6.1, 3G, WiFi) - $99 Shipped

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