August 31, 2009

More Evidence of a New iPod Touch Emerging

Its not like I needed to beat this dead horse any further or wanted more proof about a new iPod in the horizon. At this point, pretty much all the media outlet is speculating a new iPod Touch w/ Camera and Mic to be revealed on Apple's 9/9 Rock and Roll media event.

But if you would like more proof, take a look around the top iPod accessories makers' websites and you'll noticed something in common. Either they are slashing prices on the 2nd gen. iPod Touch cases or simply running out of stock. Its not an uncommon practice for businesses to reduce inventory by lowering prices to move items that is soon to be outdated; screenshots included to support my theory:

Griffin - Most of the 2nd Gen. iPod Touch cases are offered at "Special" Pricing

Incase - Their popular Slider case as well as others pull up error 404 not found (out of stock?)

Speck - is offering a 25% off pricing on every iPod Touch 2nd Gen and Nano 4th gen.

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