August 30, 2009

Whats your Mobile Internet Data usage?

Lately, it seems like everywhere you look, the topic of unlimited internet usage "cap" seems to pop up and upset the general public either for your smartphone or home broadband. While I find it as much oxymoron calling a plan "unlimited" data with a cap as the next guy, I was curious to find out just exactly how much unlimited data I was using up, the results are not that extreme (approx.):
July: 89MB
June: 76MB
May: 114MB
April: 125MB
March: 63MB
I am using an iPhone 3G with AT&T's $30 unlimited data plan (w/ a 5GB cap). I use my iPhone in the morning and afternoon to get the latest news and check on emails. Occasionally throughout the day, I'd check on emails, weather or directions/maps. I find myself using the mobile internet more when I am out of the house (waiting for an appoint), out of town(business trip) or on vacation. I'm kinda curious to know how many of you actually come close to the 5GB cap because you stream live music via Pandora or listen to MLB broadcast through respective apps. Furthermore, if you are a Palm Pre, Android user, what is your monthly data usage?

Some interesting data I found on the web:
Hong Kong: average 44MB per user (as of April, 2009)
UK Orange: mobile data doubled year over year (as of May, 2009)
Sweden: increase 4.5x year over year (as of Aug, 2009)
Australia: iPhone Browser avg session is 2.07MB vs. 0.30MB (as of Sept, 2008)

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