September 9, 2009

Apple Disappoints with Pathetic iPod Updates

I had high hopes for Apple to slowly get rid of its older iPod formats (nano, classic and shuffle) and focus more of its energy on the iPod touch in today's Rock and Roll event but to my disappointment, the 3rd generation iPod Touch is pretty much the same as the 2nd gen. Still no integrated mic/GPS/camera. Looks like Apple pulled an iPhone-3GS kinda update to its internals only with faster hardware and more internal storage. The only good news is that prices have come down a bit for the iPod Touch.

The shocker for me was to see Apple putting a video camera onto the iPod Nano 5th gen along with a bigger LCD and FM Radio w/ live pause. I just don't see the point or appeal here. A video cam is much needed on the iPod Touch. But apparently, Mr. Jobs thinks of the iPod Touch only as a video gaming platform... whatever!

If you've been holding out from buying a 2nd gen. iPod Touch because you were waiting for the new one, I would say go ahead and save some money and pickup a 2nd gen. Wait a year and my bet is the next iPod touch will have the camera and other much needed features.

BTW - iPhone/iPod Touch firmware gets an update to 3.1


Anonymous said...

You're missing the point: price and market share!

Giving the Nano a camera at a low price is huge for teens. They need to bring down the price of the Touch as much as possible. The camera wouldn't let them do it.

And it gives even more incentive to buy both a nano and a Touch since they are complimentary.

It's a brilliant marketing move

andy said...

Interesting point. Another theory I have is perhaps Apple doesn't want the iPod Touch to eat into iPhone market too much, atleast not yet. Once the iPhone growth plateaued, maybe they'll introduce other features like cam and GPS. I still think they could have added cam and GPS to the 64GB version and charge a premium equivalent to an iPhone $500-600... just my $0.02.

Camera on Nano is for recording videos only, no still shots, so I can't agree with you that Teen's are cool with that... plus w/o Wifi, how do you share/upload these vids conveniently?

Anonymous said...

Teens are more into vid than stills and if you wanna have great stills, you'll need a way better camera quality.

This videos are ready for upload to MobileMe/facebook/YouTube inside iTunes after synch.

The iPhone point is a valid point too. The truth maybe a mix of both ideas :)