September 2, 2009

Lexus Side Loading Apps to iPod Touch?

I just got back from the US Open 2009 (mobile site too, cool) out in Queens; we try to get to the Grounds Admission days at least once per year just to enjoy the scene. Lexus typically uses this event to introduce new models (last year it was the crazy IS-F sedan) and this year it was the IS-C convertible as well as the 250HS Hybrid sedan. When I was talking to a rep about a vehicle, she asked me if I would be interested in receiving a $1,000 off discount via email, upon agreeing, a rep pulls out an iPod Touch and launches an application which takes down my name, address and email. The application is custom designed to let the Lexus reps have quick access to input a lead and select any of their models to add me to their database. They had very nice finishing touches like all sorts of email extensions (gmail, aol, yahoo) so the rep can quickly complete the email field. I noticed the iPod Touch was connected to WiFi so they must be uploading the potential customer info live wirelessly (instead of saving to device and download later). I couldn't find this app on iTunes so it must be something they've developed for internal usage.

A very cool example of how Lexus is leveraging robust mobile experience for their employees to capture valuable customer leads in a stylish way!

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